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Colonel Emil J. Filkorn is the Commander of the Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS). EADS is one of two operational North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) air defense sectors in the continental United States, and reports directly to Continental NORAD Region (CONR) -1st Air Force (Air Forces Northern) at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. EADS is responsible for the continuous aerospace defense of the eastern United States, to include the national capital region, and it supports the Northern Command (NORTHCOM) homeland defense mission. His responsibilities as the Title 10 Commander include presenting tactical command and control (TAC C2) capabilities from the EADS Battle Control Center (BCC) in Rome, New York, and, by extension, through two Detachments in the national capital region (presents Det 1 at the Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC), JBAB, MD and Det 2 at the National Capital Region Coordination Center (NCRCC), Herndon, VA). He maintains operational currency as a qualified Chief, Combat Operations at the 601st AOC, and as a Mission Crew Commander at the EADS BCC. As the TAC C2 Chair for the ANG’s Air Directorate Field Advisory Council, he has led a team of five coalition BCC Commander’s driving significant change in air defense over the last three years.

Colonel Filkorn was born in Buffalo, New York. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York. He completed Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps at Det 550. Colonel Filkorn was commissioned May 1990 and entered the Air Force in April 1991. After completing Air Battle Manager training at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida he reached his operational assignment at the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS), Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome, New York. In 1995, Colonel Filkorn joined the New York Air National Guard as an Active Guard Reserve officer at NEADS.

In 1992 he supported Operation SUPPORT JUSTICE IV out of Howard AFB, Panama, and OPBAT out of Great Inagua, Bahamas augmenting the 112th ACS. In 1993 he deployed to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia for Operation SOUTHERN WATCH supporting the enforcement of the no fly zone north of Kuwait as part of Operations DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM. In 1997 Colonel Filkorn deployed to Bogota, Colombia under the USMILGRP in support of air operations over South America. As an evaluator Senior Director and Air Surveillance Officer he was selected as the Sector’s representative on the 1AF Cruise Missile Defense Initiative team that demonstrated air defense technologies through JEFX and ASCIET exercises in the late 1990s and early 2000. In early September 2001 he was Chief, Operations Training, and Mission Crew Commander and Senior Director qualified at the NEADS BCC. For the two years immediately following 9/11, he performed NEADS battlestaff, mission crew and staff functions directing the daily execution of joint and allied forces flying combat air patrols and airborne early warning missions over major U.S. cities, defending the Homeland under Operation NOBLE EAGLE. Additionally, he contributed to the organization, training and equipping of post-9/11 capabilities being integrated into NORAD’s Homeland Defense enterprise. Colonel Filkorn’s contributions to air defense were directly shaped by the events of 9/11. They include supporting the emergency development, integration and employment of the NORAD Contingency Suite C2 system; leading the training for NEADS, JADOC and NCRCC Air Force personnel; and authoring the NEADS Tactical Air Defense procedures which became part of the first NORAD Air Defense of the United States and Canada publication. In February 2007 he was selected to support a three-month tasking as a Special Assistant to the 1AF/A3 that included being assigned Joint Mission Commander for an Air Force/Navy contingent OPCON to the 601st AOC and working closely with U.S. Secret Service providing Presidential support in Merida, Mexico. Between June 2008 and December 2013 he held the positions of Chief, Operations Control and Assistant Deputy Commander, Operations. In December 2013, he became the EADS Deputy Commander, Support. When EADS Support Directorate was re-organized as the 224th Support Squadron in January 2015, Colonel Filkorn became its first Commander. Prior to becoming EADS Commander, Colonel Filkorn served as the Commander, 224th Air Defense Group. He has commanded at the squadron, group, and as EADS commander, at a wing-equivalent level. He has maintained operational currency throughout most of his 28-year career in defense of the Homeland. Most recently he performed MCC and CCO duties in defense of North America during the 2018 deployment of Russian bombers to Venezuela, and he extensively supported 601st AOC continuity of operations at an alternate location as a CCO due to the destruction Hurricane Michael wreaked on Tyndall AFB.

1990 Bachelor of Science degree, Aeronautical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
1994 Counter Air Tactics Awareness Training Course, Tyndall AFB, FL
1994 Distinguished Graduate, Air Surveillance Officer Course, Tyndall AFB, FL
1997 Squadron Officer School (in-residence), Maxwell AFB, AL
2004 Air Command and Staff College (correspondence), Maxwell AFB, AL
2005 Reserve Component National Security Course, Ft McNair, Washington, D.C.
2006 National Security Decision Makers Course, Naval War College, RI
2008 Air War College (correspondence), Maxwell AFB, AL
2013 CJCS Level IV Anti-Terrorism, McLean, VA
2014 Cyber 400, Ft McNair, Washington, D.C.
2017 National Security Studies Course, Maxwell School Syracuse University, NY
2018 National Security Studies Program, Elliott School of International Affairs George Washington University, D.C.
2019 Leadership Decision Making, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA

Apr 1991 – Sep 1991, Student, Undergraduate Controller Training, Tyndall AFB, FL
Sep 1991 – Dec 1997, OIC, Senior Director & Air Surveillance Officer, NEADS, Griffiss AFB, NY
Dec 1997 – Dec 1998, Mission Crew Commander, NEADS, Rome, NY
Dec 1998 – Dec 2002, Chief, Operations Training, NEADS, Rome, NY
Dec 2002 – Feb 2005, Assistant Flight Commander, NEADS, Rome, NY
Feb 2005 – Jun 2008, Flight Commander, EADS, Rome, NY
Mar 2007 – May 2007, Special Assistant to the 1AF/A3, AFNORTH, Tyndall AFB, FL
Jun 2008 – Mar 2011, Chief, Operations Control, EADS, Rome, NY
Mar 2011 – Dec 2013, Assistant Deputy Commander, Operations, EADS, Rome, NY
Dec 2013 – Jan 2016, Deputy Commander, Support/Commander, 224th Support Squadron
Jan 2016 – Jun 2016, Commander, 224th Air Defense Group
Jun 2016 – present, Commander, Eastern Air Defense Sector

Rating: Master Air Battle Manager Qualifications on:  AOC, BCC

Meritorious Service Medal with 3 devices
Air Force Commendation Medal
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with 2 devices
Air Force Organizational Excellence Award with 3 devices
Combat Readiness Medal with 11 devices
National Defense Service Medal with 1 device
Southwest Asia Service Medal with 1 device
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Air Force Longevity Service with 4 devices
Armed Forces Reserve Medal with 1 ‘M’ device
Air Force Training Ribbon

Commissioned, May 1990 (11-month USAF delay entering active duty)
Second Lieutenant, October 1990 (pay date)
First Lieutenant, October 1992
Captain, October 1994
Major, December 1998
Lieutenant Colonel, December 2005
Colonel, April 2014

(Current as of April 2019)