EADS and 224th ADG name annual award winners

  • Published
  • By Tim Jones
  • Eastern Air Defense Sector

The Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) and the New York Air National Guard’s 224th Air Defense Group (ADG) have named their annual award winners for the past year.

“The nation’s air defense mission requires engaged and consistent excellence from all of our members,” said Col. Joseph F. Roos, 224th ADG Commander. “The COVID-19 pandemic made this past year unusually difficult and our winners distinguished themselves by exceeding our demanding requirements. I congratulate them on their outstanding accomplishments and thank them for their efforts.”

Award recipients were:

  • Capt. Justin Bush, Outstanding Company Grade Officer (CGO). The Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) at the 224th Air Defense Squadron (ADS), Bush tested and developed EADS first-ever link with Coast Guard helicopters in the Washington, D.C. area, helped construct a critical link architecture system, and developed a continuation training program.
  • Capt. Joe Breunig, Outstanding Company Grade Officer (CGO), Drill Status Guardsmen (DSG) category. A cyberspace operations officer at the 224th Support Squadron (SPTS), Breunig created a data architecture system that connected 13 offices, trained 15 members on new software, and evaluated and streamlined operations for five work centers.  
  • Master Sgt. Robert Aikins, Outstanding Senior Noncommissioned Officer (SNCO). Aikins, the Security Forces Operations Noncommissioned Officer-in-Charge (NCOIC) at the 224th Support Squadron (SPTS), identified and corrected more than 20 deficiencies as the leader of the Commander’s Inspection Program, overhauled the unit fitness program, and coordinated an integrated defense council. Aikins was also the primary coordinator for an Air National Guard training course in Rome that more than 80 Airmen from across New York attended.
  • Tech. Sgt. Timothy Deckard, Outstanding Noncommissioned Officer (NCO). The Noncommissioned Officer-in-Charge (NCOIC) of Current Operations at the 224th Air Defense Squadron (ADS), Deckard led a scheduling team that planned 405 training missions and provided communications security training to more than 40 Airmen. Deckard also chaired a budget committee that raised more than $13,000 for EADS 9/11 20th anniversary events.
  • Senior Airman Logan Stuckey, Outstanding Airman. A knowledge operations manager at the 224th Support Squadron (SPTS), Stuckey provided 22 sexual assault prevention courses to nearly 150 Airmen, helping the unit achieve 100 percent mission readiness in this critical area. Stuckey also reorganized 27 years of historical documents as part of a records program modernization, facilitated SharePoint training for 42 members and managed the unit leave program.
  • Senior Airman Hannah Streeter, Outstanding Airman, Drill Status Guardsmen (DSG) category. A material management apprentice at the 224th Support Squadron (SPTS), Streeter maintained 100 percent accountability for more than 200 equipment deliveries, digitized 95 percent of the logistic sections’ records, and coordinated a restoration contract for the unit’s F-4 fighter jet replica with the Air Force Heritage Office. She also developed new vehicle request and tracking forms, correcting a long-standing issue.
  • Mr. Dan Foley, Outstanding Category II Civilian. The Senior Infrastructure Technical Lead at the 224th Support Squadron (SPTS), Foley engineered a new open storage network system, developed an extensive wiring plan, and identified and repaired problems with a key datalink connecting EADS to the National Capital Region. Foley also updated and modernized a database of more than 700 circuits.
  • Ms. Alicia Morales, Outstanding Category I Civilian. The 224th Air Defense Group’s (ADG) Unit Program Coordinator, Morales scheduled more than 1,600 events and supported 22 Distinguished Visitor tours. She verified 75 security clearances as the acting Security Manager, served as the assistant editor of the unit newsletter and managed invitations for EADS 9/11 20th anniversary event.
  • Tech. Sgt. Michael Carson, Outstanding Honor Guard Manager. A mission systems crew chief at the 224th Support Squadron (SPTS), Carson coordinated and supervised EADS all-volunteer Honor Guard. Accomplishments included recruiting four new members and organizing 78 Honor Guard presentations, including 28 joint service details. Carson participated in 60 military funerals and 13 color presentations, which represented more than 90 percent of the unit’s Honor Guard details.  
  • Tech. Sgt. Ryan LaClair, Outstanding Honor Guard Member. A weapons director at the 224th Air Defense Squadron (ADS), LaClair volunteered for Honor Guard service and participated in details on his personal time. LaClair served as the Honor Guard flag-barer at Rome’s Honor America Days, the Griffiss Park Vietnam Memorial dedication, and at EADS 9/11 Remembrance ceremony, which was attended by more than 200 guests. He also served as part of Honor Guard details at six funerals for local veterans.

The 224th ADG is composed of the 224th Air Defense Squadron (ADS) and 224th Support Squadron (SPTS), located in Rome, and Detachment 1 and Detachment 2 that serve in the Washington, D.C. area. The 224th ADG provides the forces to conduct the Eastern Air Defense Sector’s (EADS) mission. Part of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the Sector is responsible for the air defense of the eastern U.S.

For more information about the New York Air National Guard, visit www.dmna.ny.gov. For more information on the Eastern Air Defense Sector and the 224th Air Defense Group, visit www.eads.ang.af.mil.