224th ADG members earn CONR annual awards

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Two members of the 224th Air Defense Group serving at the Eastern Air Defense Sector have received annual awards from the Continental United States North American Aerospace Defense Command Region (CONR).

Capt. Quinn Tilley and Staff Sgt. Garrett Reilley, 224th Air Defense Squadron members received CONR awards. CONR is headquartered at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.

The exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication put forth by Capt. Tilley and Staff Sgt. Reilley underscore the vital role they play in enhancing the Eastern Air Defense Sector's mission success,” said Col. Joseph F. Roos, EADS Commander. “These accolades not only recognize their individual achievements but also highlight the collective excellence of our team. Their commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to us all."

Tilley, a Liverpool resident, was named CONR’s Company Grade Officer of the Year. A joint interface control officer, he performed as the trusted briefer explaining links and air surveillance considerations to the SECAF for a Cloud Based Command and Control event. Tilley also led sector wide area surveillance sensor capabilities troubleshooting efforts determining optimal configuration of software, critical thinking analysis of 336 hours of data, then guided solutions that resulted in resolutions for two urgent deficiencies -- paving the way for Air Combat Command approval.

Reilley is a Rome resident and received CONR’s Non-commissioned Officer of the Year award. The NCOIC of Training and Exercises, Reilley provided over 75 hours of instruction to eight trainees during 20 simulations, while supporting 136 hours of augmentation to the operations crews -- reducing critical manning shortfalls. Reilley, a lead mission planner, also dedicated over 200 hours of mission planning in support of 28 POTUS air defense missions and the execution of NORAD's first-ever air-to-air engagement of an air threat to the CONUS.

The 224th ADG is composed of the 224th ADS, 224th SPTS, and 224th SFS located in Rome, and Detachment 1 and Detachment 2 that serve in the Washington, D.C. area. The 224th ADG provides the forces to conduct the Eastern Air Defense Sector’s (EADS) mission. Part of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the Sector is responsible for the air defense of the eastern U.S.