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Lt. Col. Dawn Drinkwine Completes Air War College

Lt. Col. Dawn Drinkwine Graduates from AWC In-Residence Course

Lt. Col. Dawn Drinkwine Graduates from AWC In-Residence Course

Rome, N.Y. -- Lt. Col. Dawn M. Drinkwine, a member of the New York Air National Guard's 224th Air Defense Squadron, graduated recently from the United States Air Force's Air War College (AWC).

The 224th Air Defense Squadron is a subordinate unit of the 224th Air Defense Group (ADG). The 224th ADG conducts the mission of the Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS), a North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) headquarters unit located at Griffiss Business and Technology Park in Rome. Staffed by the 224th ADG, a Canadian Forces detachment, U.S. Army, Navy and Coast Guard liaison officers, and federal civilians, EADS is responsible the air defense of the eastern U.S.

The first officer from an EADS unit selected for the AWC in-residence course at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, Drinkwine was one of eight ANG officers to graduate. The course was attended by more than 240 students, who came from every U.S. military service and included 45 international officers and a small number of Department of Defense civilians.

Air War College educates senior officers on the employment of the nation's air, space, and cyberspace assets. Structured to prepare officers for strategic responsibilities in joint, interagency, and multinational environments, the course seeks to develop innovative thinking and approaches. A graduate level program, students received a Master of Strategic Studies upon completion.

As part of the school's Regional and Cultural Studies elective program, Drinkwine spent six weeks studying Northeast Europe, followed by a two-week working visit to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The academics and travel focused on regional security, economic development, social issues, governance, health care, information, energy strategy and technology in these countries.

AWC graduation requirements included a 5,000-word research paper. Drinkwine's research examined Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and their potential for enhancing homeland security.

A native of Tomah, Wisconsin, Drinkwine is the daughter of Nelson Drinkwine and Sharon Drinkwine, both of Tomah.