Updated Priorities Support Mission and Vision

  • Published
  • By Col. Michael Norton
In last month's Sector, we published the new EADS Vision Statement: "We will detect and defeat the next air attack on America." In the previous issue, we unveiled the updated EADS Mission: "Counter all air threats to EADS' assigned Area of Operations through vigilant detection, rapid warning and precise tactical control of NORAD/USNORTHCOM forces."

Building on this guidance, the Strategic Planning Council has reviewed the updated list of Commander's Priorities. As you'll recall EADS CC Priorities for 2015 were published in the January newsletter and briefed at January CC Call. Two of those priorities have been removed from the list due to (a) successful organization changes and (2) repeal of the GBC physical requirement for all 1C5s. We've added a CC priority that focuses specifically on mission training.

1. Execute the Steady State Mission Effectively - This priority includes all functions that directly support our Mission and Vision...controlling NORAD assets, sustaining complex C2 networks, defending the installation, and many more.
2. Ensure the Sector can effectively surge to meet contingency and wartime requirements - America depends on us to prepare for the unexpected and be mission ready for sustained, high ops tempo scenarios.    

3. Provide focused, standardized and realistic mission training - Our mission depends on highly-qualified Airmen. Our Airmen deserve the best mission training we can give them.  

4. Recruit and retain the highest quality Airmen and make EADS the best place to work in the Mohawk Valley - To effectively surge, as well as to sustain our ops tempo, we need to be fully manned with motivated, committed Airmen. A key to a high quality, highly resilient work force is to ensure EADS is the best possible place to work.
5. Continuously strive to find efficiencies and improve Sector effectiveness - We have made considerable progress in implementing the new Air Force Inspection System. I have also seen great progress       

Your responses to the recent Unit Climate Survey are very important to our pursuit of these priorities. I very much appreciate the time you took to complete the survey and offer your thoughts and ideas. The number of respondents to this voluntary survey was nearly twice last year's UCS. Great job!

Nearly 83 percent of respondents agree or strongly agree that the "Commander will use the information from this survey to improve the command." On behalf of all EADS leadership, I can assure you that is the case. We have read all 142 pages and discussed it in three separate meetings, including a Strategic Planning Council this week. We will be discussing the issues raised in your feedback during commander's calls and other meetings and will act on them. This effort is key to achieving priorities four and five listed above.

Unfortunately, only 60 percent of respondents are "satisfied with the communication flow in this unit." We can and will improve on that. We have developed a Sector Communication Plan that includes initiatives to improve that critical communication flow. It will be emailed out this week and hung on the SharePoint.

Twenty-one comments expressed concerns with our operations tempo and how we schedule shifts to cover our 24/7 mission. These comments reinforce the message we've been hearing through multiple avenues. There are a number of initiatives to reduce our ops tempo and mitigate the impact of external taskings on our mission execution and readiness training. I have empowered the squadron commanders to find ways to optimize how we man our 24/7 mission.

These and other topics from the Unit Climate Survey will be covered in my August Commander's Call. More to follow!