EADS Mission Statement Revised

  • Published
  • By Col. Michael J. Norton
  • EADS
One of the first goals of the new Strategic Planning Council was to update the EADS mission statement. During our initial off site, we worked on crafting a mission statement that reflects recent changes (there are no longer 8 fighter alert locations in our AO) and concisely describes what we do for the country.

Previous Mission Statement:
Provides air sovereignty and executes counter-air operations over the eastern United States. Directs the employment of 178 sensors, 8 fighter alert locations, AWACS aircraft, a Battle Control Center (BCC), and joint air defense artillery assets to defend one million square miles, 16 major cities, and adjacent seas. Supports NORAD's Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment, NORTHCOM Homeland Defense Mission.

New Mission Statement:
Counter all air threats to EADS' assigned Area of Operations through vigilant detection, rapid warning and precise tactical control of NORAD/NORTHCOM forces.

Concise and relatively easy to remember, this new statement should ensure everyone - whether a member of the unit or the general public - can immediately grasp what EADS is here to do. The revised mission statement will be posted on our Sharepoint site, hallway television monitors and the EADS public web site.

The EADS mission is the starting point for development of our priorities, goals and objectives, explaining our core purpose in plain language.  The new statement, along with the Commander's Priorities, will guide our continued strategic planning efforts.

Congratulations to Staff Sgt. Marie Coar, who was named CONR C2 Enlisted Warrior of the Year for 2014.! Winning an award in an organization as large as CONR is an exceptional accomplishment and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell Staff Sgt. Coar that the entire command is proud of her. I urge everyone to congratulate Staff Sgt. Coar when you get the chance.

Thanks to the newly-established Company Grade Officers Council for organizing EADS' first Winter Sports Day at Snow Ridge Resort near Turin. February 27 was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for tearing up the runs. I urge everyone to take advantage of the fantastic winter sports opportunities in the area before spring arrives!