Member graduates from Leadership Mohawk Valley course

  • Published
  • By Brooke Davis
  • Northeast Air Defense Sector
One member from the Northeast Air Defense Sector graduated from the Leadership Mohawk Valley Class of 2008.

Master Sgt. Maureen Dooley graduated June 4 from the LMV after being selected to be a part of the program, and there are two more NEADS members signed up for the upcoming 2009 course. Master Sgt. Donald Roberts and Tech. Sgt. Terry Pentecost will be attending the next course.

For Sergeant Dooley, the course had a significant impact on her career.

"Dealing with our community leaders, their concerns, problems and outlooks on what impacts our local community opens your eyes to what differences we in the military community can make," she said. "Through large networking opportunities, you learn of all that is available through different companies and people. You speak with politicians, business owners, judicial leaders, educators, CEOs of the medical community, and so forth ... through these individuals you learn future goals of these fields, where they see themselves in our community and possibly, what will not be available to us if changes are not made."

Developing relationships is one of the key portions of the course.

"There is so much knowledge and talent in one room - it sometimes seems surreal," Sergeant Dooley explained. "Everyone is there for the same reason, so you have a common goal; to get to know the leaders of your community and bring to light what can be done to make change in the positive direction. I will forever have networking opportunities and a multitude of knowledge at my calling through my classmates."

LMV is a highly structured 10-month program that follows the schedule of a typical school year, according to the Leadership Mohawk Valley Web site.

"The commitment you bring to the LMV class should be full-blown - it takes a lot of effort and time to make a difference, so be ready," explained Sergeant Dooley.

The actual class meets the first Wednesday of each month from 8-4 p.m. and then you are broken up into smaller groups. These smaller groups will actually have a project with a local business in the community. This will entail just about anything and everything this company may need in help, she said.

According to the Leadership Mohawk Valley Web site, each class of approximately 30 participants is selected annually and is composed of an accomplished group of men and women who reflect the diversity of the Mohawk Valley region. The year begins in September with a one and a half day Orientation. From October through June, participants attend monthly, daylong focused programs designed to give them exposure and perspective in a variety of areas.

Depending on the project and company you will be assigned to, will depend on how much time your smaller groups will be putting in for the cause, she added. This class also has a Communication Professor, David Habel from SUNY IT, who gives a class in leadership and management throughout the 10 months.

"All in all, this was a brilliant experience that led to a wealth of knowledge," she concluded. "For anyone who wishes to attend the LMV experience, I suggest you take away everything it has to give and give back everything it teaches."