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  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony marks new building opening

    The Eastern Air Defense Sector officially marked the completion of the new headquarters building with a ribbon cutting ceremony Oct. 2 at 9 a.m. The building currently houses EADS' headquarters support and command staff as well as Security Forces and operations personnel. Local community leaders came out to participate in the ribbon cutting,
  • CrossFit trend challenges unit fitness levels

    "3-2-1 Go!" No, we are not at the family picnic running relay races. This is how each CrossFit workout begins, and the cue each CrossFit athlete learns to respond to when working his or her way through a tough workout. This response becomes so ingrained in a CrossFitter; it can over ride their natural response to stop working and just rest. But
  • 9-11 Memorial sparks memories, media interest

    The World Trade Center steel arrived here in August. The steel is cold, rusted and twisted. Representing the tragic impact that Sept. 11 had on many at the Eastern Air Defense Sector. Selecting a piece of the World Trade Center for the 9-11 Memorial from Hangar 17 at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York was an eerie experience. When Col. Dawne
  • Member selected to join ranks of Air Force Tae Kwon Do team

    Competition is nothing new to a New York Air National Guardsman selected for the Air Force Tae Kwon Do team. Senior Airman Brian Biviano competed in the United States Air Force Tae Kwon Do Team National Qualifier this 15-18 May 2009 in Colorado Springs, Colo. He was one of only seven selected for the Air Force Tae Kwon Do team. At the National
  • Sector supports Canadian Weapons School deployment

    Four pilots and two controllers recently graduated from the Fighter Weapons School Instructor Course at the 4 Wing Canadian Forces Base in Cold Lake, Canada May 29. The Northeast Air Defense Sector supported the controller portion of the school during their deployment here Jan. 31 through Feb. 13. Capt. Ian McDonald, a Canadian Forces member
  • Charlie Flight aides stranded NATO E-3A

    One quiet evening soon paid off for some Charlie Flight members with a Letter of Appreciation from NATO AWACS Training Wing Commander, Col. Angelo Piccillo. "The purpose of this letter is to convey my appreciation to the Eastern Air Defense Sector, in particular C-Flight, for their outstanding assistance to a NATO AWACS Aircrew Training Squadron
  • Sector Renamed to Reflect East Coast Mission

    In an official order from the Department of the Air Force, the Northeast Air Defense Sector was renamed the Eastern Air Defense Sector July 15. In November 2006, the Sector assumed responsibility for providing air sovereignty over the entire east coast of the U.S., which includes more than one million square miles of air space. "We are extremely
  • Sector takes on Spiral 3 training, operational testing

    The NEADS Joint Interface Control Cell is currently implementing Spiral 3 updates to the Battle Control System-Fixed to include providing training with a focus on the Pocket-J data link capabilities in reference to Spiral 3. According to JICC, training for Spiral 3 was Jan. 5-9. Operational testing is scheduled for Jan. 26-30. After operational
  • New control section focuses on datalinks

    The Interface Control Section recently separated from the flights to become its own section with a new name. The new Joint Interface Control Cell (JICC) is responsible for the accomplishment of Link Management and Track Data Coordination functions to include ensuring the clarity, accuracy, currency, and quality of track data displayed on the
  • Exercise tests first responders with simulated chlorine spill

    Griffiss Business and Technology Park tenants teamed-up to coordinate another base exercise during the June AFT week. The exercise was a coordinated effort between the Northeast Air Defense Sector, Air Force Research Labs, Defense Finance and Accounting Service and local emergency responders. "Never before were all 3 DoD agencies fully involved in