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  • Sector garners state-level awards

    Two members from the Northeast Air Defense Sector garnered New York Air National Guard Outstanding Airmen of the Year Awards. Master Sgt. Michael Cavalier was selected as the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year and Master Sgt. Thomas Whiteman was selected as the Honor Guard Program Manager of the Year. The Honor Guard Program Manager of the
  • Northeast Air Defense Sector opens new fitness center

    In keeping with the 'Fit to Fight' mindset of the Air Force, the Northeast Air Defense Sector officially opened its new fitness center Friday for use of Department of Defense employees, including members at NEADS, Air Force Research Lab and Defense Finance and Accounting Services. Renovating Depot 1, East Wing, which was an existing building
  • Air Guard, Civilian Responders

    New York Air National Guard firefighters teamed up with Rome, N.Y. area emergency responders June 7 in a joint military/civilian mass casualty exercise at Griffiss Business and Technology Park. The exercise simulated a radiological "dirty bomb" hitting the headquarters of the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS), a joint Active Air Force and Air
  • Ceremony Commemorates 60 years of Excellence

    Northeast Air Defense Sector and Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate teamed-up to commemorate the Air Force's 60th Anniversary here Tuesday, September 18, 2007. The ceremony also included a historic squadron from the former Griffiss Air Force Base. Veterans from the 465th Fighter Interceptor Squadron reunited for the first time in
  • Air Guard's Northeast Air Defense Sector provide support for NORAD's annual Christmas Eve mission

    Members from the Northeast Air Defense Sector, a New York Air National Guard unit, will track Santa Claus to provide him safe passage over the eastern U.S. and Canada this Christmas Eve. With the North American Air Defense Command taking the lead, NEADS will help NORAD during the holidays while they track Santa and his sleigh in the eastern part of
  • NEADS, AWACS Link-up for Integration Training

    An E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System, or AWACS, aircraft from the 552nd Air Control Wing based at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., landed at the Oneida County Airport in Rome, N.Y., for integration training with controllers at the Northeast Air Defense Sector Monday. During the weeklong visit, the aircrew toured the Sector Operations
  • NEADS controllers assist in fighter response to air space violation

    When a small aircraft strayed into the restricted airspace over Washington on Aug. 1, the citizen-Airmen of the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) played a role in intercepting the aircraft and escorting it our of the region. The members of NEADS assisted in controlling two F-16 fighters, under the direction of North American Aerospace Defense