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  • EADS Mission Statement Revised

    One of the first goals of the new Strategic Planning Council was to update the EADS mission statement. During our initial off site, we worked on crafting a mission statement that reflects recent changes (there are no longer 8 fighter alert locations in our AO) and concisely describes what we do for

  • Adaptive, Resilient Airmen

    At the end of January, I had the privilege of attending the CSAF's Commanders Call for all active, Guard and reserve wing commanders. We should all consider ourselves fortunate to belong to an organization blessed with inspired leaders like General Mark Welsh. Last summer, CSAF published "America's

  • Let's Make This Year As Good as the Last One

    EADS had much to be proud of this past year.Working 24/7, our Battle Control Center tracked and identified 78,727 tracks of interest, an average of 214 a day, or one every seven minutes.While that's an impressive indicator of our operational tempo, it's the tip of the iceberg in terms of the work we